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Day 43 – February 12th

Sitting in bliss.

You never know when, where, or how it is will present itself.  When it does, I suggest letting it envelop you and cradle you for as long as it lingers. Ahhhhhh.  .  .  .   feel your entire being release and let go.

We are often moving so quickly in our lives, that the moments of bliss pass us by, barely recognized.  Today, can you practice slowing down your pace? Take your surroundings in, notice how you feel on the inside as well.  Catch yourself feeling comfortable in your own skin.  Smile.  Breath. Let you smile shine on those around you; from your lips, your eyes, your heart.

In quiet meditation, find a position of comfort, one in which you can sit without too much fidgeting.  Relax. .  .  .  .  let go of any tension in your body .  .  .  .  .   Inhale, “peace and calm”, exhale,” present and aware”. Follow you breath in this fashion until you feel that your mind has quieted down. Begin to repeat these word, quietly in your head, “May I be happy, may my heart remain open, may I experience ease and well being in my mind, body and spirit.

May bliss find you throughout each day.


Day 42 – February 11th

Give yourself permission to just being “off” sometimes.  Try not to judge yourself harshly, or get bogged down trying to figure out why.  It’s ok.  Others may try to question what is wrong with you, and you may feel obligated to come up with a response.  If you know why, fine, but if you’re not sure, then you get to say that too.

Learning to accept all of you, and all of your moods equally, takes the pressure off.  Sometime having lower energy, allows us to slow down, and take a step back.  Perhaps, this is just what we needed.  Sometimes when we are feeling “off” we find ourselves isolating more, and spending more down time. Maybe, you have been burning the candle from both ends, and need a reprieve.

I have found that in life, there are very few coincidences. Life has a way of answering our prayers and providing what we need.  We may not recognize this, or not understand what is happening, because the results are not always evident along the way.

Be true to you.  Listen to your gut.  Life in session, trust the process.


Day 41 – February 10th


Life is full of wonderful new surprises.  I am easily taken to a place of awe.  I am struck by the beauty and character of things that I am seeing for the first time.  I am moved by the feeling of  meeting new people, and feeling comfort and a deep understanding that we are all somehow interconnected.  I am drawn to the courage it takes for people to allow themselves to be vulnerable and let others see their open hearts.  I am honored by the generosity of sharing the spirit of who they really are within a group of relative strangers.

All of this was part of my experience while spending some time in Nashville, on a business trip, having been invited to visit a treatment program there. Once again, I was reminded, that it is not so much the program and what it offers, but more about the people running the program, and what they bring to the work they do, that make the outcome so successful.

When you show up for your day, are you bringing your whole self with you?  Are you genuine, real, and motivated to do the very best job you can, each and every day?  If you are having trouble outside of work, are you able to show up ready to work, with a great attitude, any way?  I realize the importance of doing this may not impact the ability to carry out your duties, effectively.  It would depend on what you are doing.  I do know however that attitude, intensions, integrity, and gratitude make a difference at the end of each day, no matter how you spend your time.


Day 40 – February 9th

BE where you are.  DO what you are doing.

Fully participate in the moment.

There is almost nothing so urgent, that it can’t wait.

When we were kids we did this all the time.  We’d run out and play, and lose track of time, until we finally got called to come in for the night.  When you are fully engaged and participating, you are, at some level, unaware of the time passing.

As we get older, there are many distractions, and we feel torn from, and pulled toward, all kinds of things.  We learn to NOT be fully present, rather to multitask – which means we aren’t being mindful about any one thing, at a time. These days it seems like just when we begin to “let go”, and lose ourselves in some moment, we  are snapped out of it by some “ping”, “whistle”, “catchy tune”, etc. bringing us back to a text, an e-mail, a notification of some sort, and often the moment is gone.

The ease at which we can stay connected has both its pros and cons.  I am noticing more and more what a treat it is to make it a point to not bring my phone, (or to unintentionally forget it), every where I go.  It takes some getting used to, but it is liberating and freeing, and allows be to be more fully present at any given moment.

Being present is the best gift we can give.  It is a win-win.

Note to self:  leave your phone behind, it’s ok.  Like I mentioned earlier there is almost nothing so urgent, that it can’t wait ’til later.

I hope you give it a try, if you aren’t already.


Day 39 – February 8th

I’m in Nashville.  It’s snowing !!! Its been a long time since I’ve seen snow falling.  It is so light and wonderful.  It makes me feel like a kid, just watching it come down.  JOY – that is the feeling.  What brings you JOY?  When is the last time you felt it?

Find time today  in quiet meditation.  Allow yourself to recall a time in your life when you felt JOY.  Picture it.  .  .   how old were you? .  .  .  .  Look around, where are you? .  .  .  .  .  what are you doing?  Smile .  .  .  .let the feelings rise to the surface.  Be gentle, letting the feelings come up without force.  Take your time.  When you are feeling JOY, breath it in.  .  .  .  and out.  Simmer in it for at long as you wish.  Knowing that you have as much a right to feel joy, as anyone.

Now that you have found, and touched, JOY, you can find it again.  .  .  .  and again.  Make joy your friend, invite it in, often.


Day 38 – February 7th

Everybody has a story. What we’ve been through, and where we’ve come from, are just a part of it.  How we make sense of the world, and what we believe to be our truths add to it.

Life provides opportunities to not only rewrite our story, but to edit it along the way.  I love that.  When we tell our story, what version do we share? How do we feel about ourselves after the sharing? Is there a pattern that reveals itself, and is it still serving you?

If you aren’t happy with it, change it 🙂  You’ve got more power than you give yourself credit for.

Re-write your script and make yourself the hero.

If this seems too big a task, try to work on the title, and see what you come up with.


Day 37 – February 6th

Get outside your comfort zone today.  In some way, do something different, or differently, than you would have done in the past.  Take a different route home, order something other than your “regular” drink or meal, listen to a new choice of  music, take an impromptu walk, etc.  Do it, because you can,  and as a reminder that you are able to get yourself unstuck, when ever you choose.

Practicing in these small, safe ways, builds flexibility, and resiliency, for later on.   We all tend to get stuck in ruts, which isn’t necessarily a problem.  However, one thing that is constant is change. Exposing yourself to change, intentionally, and then moving towards it and through it builds muscle around tolerance, and an “I can” attitude.

As humans, we are far more capable than we tend to give ourselves credit, we underestimate our potential and sell our selves short, to ourselves and others.  Today, stand tall.  When met with a challenge, or opportunity, lean into it and say “Yes, I can”.

Later on you may even go back and say “Thank you” :).


Day 36 – February 5th


Do what you love and love what you do. At least as often as possible.

I have had the good fortune of having several different jobs, and for the most part I have loved every one of them.  When you like what you do, you tend to be good at it, avoid burnout,and feel content at the end of the day.

When I am out and about, I love to people watch, don’t you?  Tonight I watched, and caught, several people doing a great job at what they were doing.  We happened to be at a restaurant, and the employees, from host to manager, were in their 20’s, or younger.  They were on thier game.  We had such a wonderful experience and meal.  Before we left I went to speak to the manager.  I wanted to be sure to let him know what a wonderful meal, and time, we had.  I thanked him and let him know I thought he was doing a great job.  He was appreciative, and it made us both feel good.

It seems like we spend a lot of  time complaining, and wishing things were different then they are, at any given time.   Wouldn’t it be nicer if we spent time and attention noting the goodness, and rightness is what is?

Today, perhaps you can shift  your awareness and notice what is happening around you, with the intention of  noticing the positive. With each recognition allow yourself to feel appreciation and gratitude.  .  .  .  . let it ease into your being. Put yourself out there, tell others when you notice the good job they are doing, point out the their friendly and positive attitude.  Reinforce the goodness in others, and notice how it comes back to you.


Day 35 – January 4th



Today is a good day.  .  .  .   let me count the ways.

The sun came up and the coffee was strong.

This morning I pushed myself to face an area of my life that I usually try to avoid.  It wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought it would be.  I felt proud of myself.

My husband and I took a motorcycle ride to the beach, it was a beautiful day.

We took a long walk along the water, and found many treasures, mostly colored tumbled glass and smooth stones.

We went to the movies, and I ate too much popcorn – good movie, good popcorn.

Made a wonderful meal for dinner.

Relaxed with my husband.


Ok, your turn 🙂 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .


It feels good to take time at the end of each day to count your blessing.  Filling your heart with gratitude and satisfaction is a wonderful way to prepare for sleep.  This is not to say that all things are good, but as I’ve said in the past, “Life is a matter of perception”.   Do you need to change your lens?




Day 34 – January 3rd


The more we learn to live following these four instructions, the more peace and serenity we would enjoy.

Another way of saying the same thing:

  1. Say what you mean, mean what you say, and don’t be mean saying it.
  2. It’s not all about you.  .  .  really.
  3. Check the facts.  .  .  ask questions.
  4. Be the best you, you can be.

You aren’t expected to be perfect, so you don’t have to worry about not doing all of these, all the time.  Simply be more mindful as you go through the day,  catch yourself slipping into old patterns that no longer serve you, and try to do things a little differently. Be gentle, forgiving, and patient with yourself along the way.

Your beliefs don’t make you a better person, your behavior does.

Behave yourselves 🙂



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