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Day 48 – February 17th

Don’t Eat It – Drawing Unhealthy Food Can Boost Your Mood A study reported in the Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science suggests that drawing pictures of unhealthy food can also have positive effects on mood. This study finds says just drawing pictures of comfort food can make you feel better. Drawing pizzas improved moods by 28%, sketching cupcakes and strawberries boosted spirits 27% and 22%. The losers were the control group who got low-fat low-comfort fresh peppers to draw. Their mood improved only 1%. Do you think this could work for you?

Some may not agree with this, but I have to be honest.  There are times when I turn to certain foods for comfort.  There, I said it.  I feel like I am being politically incorrect, somehow, by talking about this.

I’m not talking about stuffing my feelings, or burying them, or other kind of avoiding or distracting tactic.  I am talking about eating something, and enjoying the whole experience of it.  The soothing sensation that I feel as I enjoy it.

I’ve had various foods throughout my life that would qualify; pizza, ice cream, mac and cheese, bean and cheese burrito, chocolate cake.  .  .  .

Other things bring me comfort too.  Curling up with a good book, being on a boat on water drifting in the sun, etc.

How do you feel about this idea, of feeling comfort from food, or other things.  I’ve decided that I am ok with it.  Sure, comfort finds me in many other ways, and then there are those times I want to find it 🙂

What comforts you, and can you be ok with it? If indulging is something, later bring a bout of beating self up, this would be something worth exploring.  Finding comfort should increase a feel of “being ok in the world”.

May you find comfort and peace,  and may you be at ease.




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