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Day 44 – February 13th

Doing the right thing is not always easy.

When you start to get honest, I mean really honest, it is uncomfortable trying to pull one over, even on yourself.

The slightest of indiscretions become uncomfortable.

Initially you may avoid telling the truth, because is seems easier at the moment, or you feel that it will avoid hurting someone else.  However, what soon becomes apparent is that in the long run, being honest is more kind, and less difficult than you expected it might be.

I’ve seen examples, over and over again.  In my life, and the lives of others.  It takes courage to speak your truth.  Remember you are strong and brave.  After speaking the truth, there may be some pain (yours and others). Remember we are resilient and so are most of our relationships.  Being dishonest is a heavy burden to carry, it dims our inner light, and it shields us from the sunlight of the spirit.  Remember you are precious and beautiful, allow your light to shine brightly and add to the positive vibration of the world around you.

We all deserve to be free and easy.  Don’t let lies, or dishonesty, hold you back.

Let go.


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