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Day 43 – February 12th

Sitting in bliss.

You never know when, where, or how it is will present itself.  When it does, I suggest letting it envelop you and cradle you for as long as it lingers. Ahhhhhh.  .  .  .   feel your entire being release and let go.

We are often moving so quickly in our lives, that the moments of bliss pass us by, barely recognized.  Today, can you practice slowing down your pace? Take your surroundings in, notice how you feel on the inside as well.  Catch yourself feeling comfortable in your own skin.  Smile.  Breath. Let you smile shine on those around you; from your lips, your eyes, your heart.

In quiet meditation, find a position of comfort, one in which you can sit without too much fidgeting.  Relax. .  .  .  .  let go of any tension in your body .  .  .  .  .   Inhale, “peace and calm”, exhale,” present and aware”. Follow you breath in this fashion until you feel that your mind has quieted down. Begin to repeat these word, quietly in your head, “May I be happy, may my heart remain open, may I experience ease and well being in my mind, body and spirit.

May bliss find you throughout each day.


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