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Day 42 – February 11th

Give yourself permission to just being “off” sometimes.  Try not to judge yourself harshly, or get bogged down trying to figure out why.  It’s ok.  Others may try to question what is wrong with you, and you may feel obligated to come up with a response.  If you know why, fine, but if you’re not sure, then you get to say that too.

Learning to accept all of you, and all of your moods equally, takes the pressure off.  Sometime having lower energy, allows us to slow down, and take a step back.  Perhaps, this is just what we needed.  Sometimes when we are feeling “off” we find ourselves isolating more, and spending more down time. Maybe, you have been burning the candle from both ends, and need a reprieve.

I have found that in life, there are very few coincidences. Life has a way of answering our prayers and providing what we need.  We may not recognize this, or not understand what is happening, because the results are not always evident along the way.

Be true to you.  Listen to your gut.  Life in session, trust the process.


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