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Day 41 – February 10th


Life is full of wonderful new surprises.  I am easily taken to a place of awe.  I am struck by the beauty and character of things that I am seeing for the first time.  I am moved by the feeling of  meeting new people, and feeling comfort and a deep understanding that we are all somehow interconnected.  I am drawn to the courage it takes for people to allow themselves to be vulnerable and let others see their open hearts.  I am honored by the generosity of sharing the spirit of who they really are within a group of relative strangers.

All of this was part of my experience while spending some time in Nashville, on a business trip, having been invited to visit a treatment program there. Once again, I was reminded, that it is not so much the program and what it offers, but more about the people running the program, and what they bring to the work they do, that make the outcome so successful.

When you show up for your day, are you bringing your whole self with you?  Are you genuine, real, and motivated to do the very best job you can, each and every day?  If you are having trouble outside of work, are you able to show up ready to work, with a great attitude, any way?  I realize the importance of doing this may not impact the ability to carry out your duties, effectively.  It would depend on what you are doing.  I do know however that attitude, intensions, integrity, and gratitude make a difference at the end of each day, no matter how you spend your time.


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