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Day 40 – February 9th

BE where you are.  DO what you are doing.

Fully participate in the moment.

There is almost nothing so urgent, that it can’t wait.

When we were kids we did this all the time.  We’d run out and play, and lose track of time, until we finally got called to come in for the night.  When you are fully engaged and participating, you are, at some level, unaware of the time passing.

As we get older, there are many distractions, and we feel torn from, and pulled toward, all kinds of things.  We learn to NOT be fully present, rather to multitask – which means we aren’t being mindful about any one thing, at a time. These days it seems like just when we begin to “let go”, and lose ourselves in some moment, we  are snapped out of it by some “ping”, “whistle”, “catchy tune”, etc. bringing us back to a text, an e-mail, a notification of some sort, and often the moment is gone.

The ease at which we can stay connected has both its pros and cons.  I am noticing more and more what a treat it is to make it a point to not bring my phone, (or to unintentionally forget it), every where I go.  It takes some getting used to, but it is liberating and freeing, and allows be to be more fully present at any given moment.

Being present is the best gift we can give.  It is a win-win.

Note to self:  leave your phone behind, it’s ok.  Like I mentioned earlier there is almost nothing so urgent, that it can’t wait ’til later.

I hope you give it a try, if you aren’t already.


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