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Day 37 – February 6th

Get outside your comfort zone today.  In some way, do something different, or differently, than you would have done in the past.  Take a different route home, order something other than your “regular” drink or meal, listen to a new choice of  music, take an impromptu walk, etc.  Do it, because you can,  and as a reminder that you are able to get yourself unstuck, when ever you choose.

Practicing in these small, safe ways, builds flexibility, and resiliency, for later on.   We all tend to get stuck in ruts, which isn’t necessarily a problem.  However, one thing that is constant is change. Exposing yourself to change, intentionally, and then moving towards it and through it builds muscle around tolerance, and an “I can” attitude.

As humans, we are far more capable than we tend to give ourselves credit, we underestimate our potential and sell our selves short, to ourselves and others.  Today, stand tall.  When met with a challenge, or opportunity, lean into it and say “Yes, I can”.

Later on you may even go back and say “Thank you” :).


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